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Yugioh Fire Kings Structure Deck Set of 3

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Configuration: 8 decks per box. 48 cards per deck.

- Intensify your Deck’s firepower with brand-new Monster, Spell, and Trap Cards that unleash the true destructive power of Fire King High Avatar Garunix!
- A new version of Fire King High Avatar Garunix takes the field! It can rise from the ashes (or fly down from your hand) any time one of your FIRE monsters are destroyed, then pump up its own ATK by consuming another monster from your hand, Deck, or field.
- A new Continuous Spell Card that can place Fire King Island right from your Deck into your Field Zone!
- A new Rank 8 Xyz Monster that shines brightest in a “Fire King” Deck, but can be Summoned using any 2 Level 8 monsters as materials, so you can include this card in a ton of other strategies too!
- You’ll also find another chance to grab popular cards that can help take your existing Deck to the next level!

Deck Break:
- 5 Ultra Rares
- 3 Super Rares
- 40 Commons