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Mystery Retail Exclusive Booster Box Live Random Group Break by Color

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Box:  Mystery Retail Exclusive Booster Box x 1

Total Slots:  8

Each Slot

1 Blue
2 Black
3 Green
4 Red
5 White
Colorless (artifact)
7 Mult-Color
8 Land



1.  Randomize the color order (Casting Cost)

2.  Ramdomize participant order so they are matched against the color order above

3.  We will Unbox a box live on social (ig, fb or youtube)

4.  Whatever cards that came out will apply to respective colors.

5.  The cards will be shipped out via regular usps to respective participants.

**Cards that has requires more than one color (generic does not count) is considered mult-color and will go into the multi-color slot. 


Norn's Annex and Maelstrome Nexus are Multi-color

Iron Myr is not multi-color (activated color cost does not apply), it's colorless.

Mystery Retail Exclusive Booster Box.  Each booster box contains 24 packs of 15 random cards.